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Teen/New-Driver's Classroom and In-Car Course Package


No refund


Classic Driving Academy will provide the student with:

·     24 hours of classroom instruction and

·      8 hours of behind-the-wheel training based on the Ohio Driver Training Curriculum with a licensed instructor.  

·         provide the vehicle for the driving. 

You must pay the full amount as stated in the agreement before we will schedule your driving.  We'll offer all class and driving to you as long as you are paid in full


Per Ohio Administrative Code 4501-7-12 paragraph 810 all driving and classroom work must be completed within 6 months of the date of the first class attended.  If training is not completed within 6 months additional charges will apply.  Classic Driving Academy does not guarantee the issuance of a driver's license to any student. 


You may pay for this course on line by going to the Pay Now at the bottom of this page or by giving payment directly to the school.


Teen/New Driver

In-Car Only CoursePackage


No refund


The Teen/New Driver In-Car course is for those who have taken the Online Course  or plan to take it.

You will be contacted with instructions on how to schedule your driving sessions.

Online Classes are available for those teens that have a busy schedule.  Online classes can be done using most any device with internet access.   This course will provide the requirements of the the 24 hours of classroom required by Ohio law. 


 All online students will be required to attend an orientation class with a parent or guardian. This class is free and last approx 75 min. Please bring ALL certificates you have and the student permit. This class is to go over some changes in the laws and to get all paperwork signed before day 1 of in-car.


*** Due to the changing volume of students at any given time, the driving schedule could be 8-12 weeks.

Classic uses "drivescout" as an online app to provide scheduling, therefore once payment is made there will be NO REFUND.

All in-car training

will be in


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Adult Remedial

Course Package


No refund


Classic Driving Academy will provide 8 hours of Adult Remedial instruction that meets all Ohio Revise code 4510.037.

Lunch included

(Only valid for 60 days)

You will need to pass a written exam with a seventy-five percent (75%) of the exam questions answered correctly. 

If a student does not correctly answer seventy-five percent of the final examination questions, the student will have the opportunity to retake the final exam one additional time.

If the student fails to score at least seventy-five percent after taking the examination the second time, the student shall be required to retake the course.